My Christmas Wish For Gardeners

Christmas is a solid time for people who like gardening. We think about the past growing season, it’s highs and lows. We think about next year’s garden and flowers, which are always going to be better.

Sometimes we can find a little bit of quiet in Christmas, time to sit by the window and look outside, noticing how neat the plants and shrubs look in snow. A white Christmas isn’t just a nice sentiment; snow insulates our perennials and gardens. It makes them look clean.

I believe everyone has a green thumb, even if it’s hiding a bit. Now, don’t tell me you don’t have a green thumb. Of course you do. Approach plants with confidence. A green thumb is nothing more than giving plants what they need, and we can all do that. There are three routes to a green thumb: some people have it by instinct, some develop theirs by experience, and some through education. Often it’s a combination of all three, and most of us continue learning and experimenting our whole lives.

Yes, growing plants is a wonderful hobby and life-long pursuit. I wish you a Merry Christmas, and may your tomatoes be forever blight-free.