Can You Name This Week’s Plant?

Can you identify the following plant? And remember, no fair peeking! Our featured plant this week is an easy-to-grow houseplant known by several common names. arrowhead 2

Plant breeders have been busy developing improved varieties that are more compact than previous types. As the plant ages, it often develops a trailing habit. While solid green-leaved types are available, variegated varieties are now more common, having patterns of light green and dark green within the same leaf.

I’ve found this plant very easy to grow, and the following pointers help keep it healthy:

* If the plant gets too dry, leaves may drop.

* A potting soil rich in peatmoss helps it stay moist without being waterlogged. arrowhead 6

* As with most plants, good drainage is a must.

* They tolerate low light, but produce more growth if given bright light, including some winter sunshine.

* Variegated leaf pattern is more pronounced if grown in bright light.

* Fertilize monthly in winter and every 2 weeks in spring and summer when it’s actively growing.

* Repot every 2 years or so, increasing pot size by about 2 inches diameter.

* Can be cut back in spring to encourage branching and compact growth.arrowhead 3

* They appreciate a summer vacation outdoors with morning sun, afternoon shade. They’ll develop nice new growth.

* Easy to start new plants from tip cuttings rooted in water or potting mix.

* Sap contains calcium oxalate crystals and is reportedly toxic to pets. Probably not a plant to have around curious pets or children. arrowhead 4

Maybe you’ve grown this one and are well familiar with its name, but if not, get ready for the unveiling. The plant is…….Arrowhead Plant, also called Nephthytis. Its botanical name is Syngonium podophylum.

If you’re looking for a new houseplant to try, search this one out. It does beautifully.

Until next time, “Happy Gardening!”