Time For Another Segment Of Name-That-Plant

Hi indoor gardening people. Have you noticed this new-comer to the houseplant scene? We never studied this one back in horticulture school, and it didn’t hit the garden center market until the 1990’s. Its a fun new plant that is doing well for plant enthusiasts.

This plant is unique because it’s most commonly grown in a vase or container of water with pebbles to keep the stalks upright. It’s become a favorite in offices and dorm rooms because it can be ignored for weeks without suffering from neglect.

Here are a few pointers for successful growth:

  • It needs bright light to maintain healthy growth, although direct sunlight isn’t necessary.
  • If grown in a clear glass container, green algae can form. Remove the plant, clean the glass and pebbles, and replant for an easy fix.
  • A native of Africa, the plant can grow to 3 feet in height.
  • You can propagate it by cutting sections of the stem and placing in water.
  • Feed every two months with only a drop or two of liquid fertilizer in the plant’s water/container.
  • They can be trained into interesting shapes.

This plant has become a must-try. They’re popping up on office desks and waiting-room end tables, so they’re definitely worth growing at home also.

The plant is….(drumroll please)…. Lucky Bamboo.  The botanical name is Dracaena sanderiana. They are not actually true members of the bamboo family, but “lucky” for them, they’re so pretty none of us will mind the mis-name.

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