Mid-February Gardening Thoughts

Hi Everyone. Well, it won’t be long and we’ll be back outdoors planting, pruning, and potting. February’s a good time to think. Several tasks can be tackled now also. Let’s make a mid-February list.

  • Several flower types can be seeded by now, including begonias, coleus and seed geraniums. They take longer to develop than other flowers. It’s too early for tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. We’ll talk about seeding those closer to the preferred date of April 1.
  • Seed catalogs can be browsed. Most have online catalogs. A good website lists 69 seed catalogs. Some favorites include Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Burpees, and Totally Tomatoes.http://freebies.about.com/od/homegardenfreebies/tp/seed-catalogs.htm
  • Recommended vegetable varieties for 2016 are available from NDSU at https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/homegardenvarietytrials/documents/vegcultivars2016.pdf
  •  Pruning of apple trees and other fruit trees can begin now and continue through March.
  • With increased light levels and longer days, houseplants begin new growth. Apply Miracle Gro solution in place of a regular watering every two to four weeks now through spring.



As much fun as it will be to get back into the garden and flowerbeds, it’s also fun to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy colorful plant photos. And just think a bit. Until next time “Happy Gardening!”