How To Repair Dog Spots On Lawn

Lawn damage caused by dog urine is especially visible in spring when we wait excitedly for lawns to turn from winter-brown to springtime-green. It puts a damper on spring when the picture-perfect green turf is marred by random yellow dead circles. What can be done about dog damage to lawns?

Dog urine is high in nitrogen. Nitrogen is also the element in lawn fertilizer that keeps lawns green. But whether the nitrogen is from dog urine, or a bag of fertilizer, if too much is loaded onto one small patch of grass, the grass burns.

How to repair dog spots in lawns? The best remedy is to flush the spots with as much water as possible, as quickly as possible. If you flush the spots within 6 or 8 hours of urination, damage can be less severe. If the spots are already brown/burnt, flushing with water is still important. If new green grass sprouts are visible through the brown patches, they’ll recover. If the grass roots in those spots are truly dead, reseeding is the best option.

The clumps of old dead grass can be removed plus one inch of soil, new soil added, and grass seed sprinkled over the surface. (The recommended lawngrass for the Upper Midwest is Kentucky Bluegrass.) Or you can just rake the dead spots vigorously to expose a little soil, while leaving the dead stubble, and reseed. (After flushing with water, of course.)

Home remedies like baking soda and gypsum have not proven effective, according to Colorado State University.

One product that merits trying is called Rascal Spots and further information can be found on their website: It was developed in North Dakota and is manufactured in Minnesota, so chances are it’s good.

The product reportedly neutralizes the adverse effects of urine and allows water to better penetrate the soil to flush away components. I’ve received a number of positive reviews from local dog owners who have used the product.

Here’s to a healthier spring lawn, with dogs or without. Happy Gardening!


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  1. J.S.

    I have used the Rascal Spots product for about 5 years. I have 2 labs and a small lawn area which they completely wipe out over the winter months. In the spring I spray the area with Rascal Spots, then spread lawn soil and seed. The area completely fills in with new grass. The application of Rascal Spots is applied about every 6 wks during the summer and keeps the lawn “spotless”. It will not work during the winter months so damaged areas will need re-seeding each spring. I couldn’t go without this product. It really works.

  2. Carole Mitchell

    I’ve also found that feeding said dog some low-sodium tomato or V-8 juice daily can eliminate the problem before it starts! My dogs love this juice!


    1. Don Kinzler

      Good idea. Also recommended is to encourage dogs to drink more water, so urine is less concentrated. Thanks.

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