Mowing Height Affects Lawn Health

The fragrance of freshly-mown grass is awesome. It’s aroma therapy at its finest. Not only does mowing smell nice, but the proper mowing height makes our lawns healthier.

Adjusting the lawn mower height is more important than we might think because:

  • Grass plants become healthier if they aren’t scalped from too-low mowing.
  • Taller mowing height shades grass roots, keeping them cool. Northern grasses like it cool.
  • Increasing the mowing height shades grass roots and conserves moisture, requiring less water to keep grass green and healthy.
  • If grass plants are taller, weeds become weaker as they are shaded and outcompeted by the healthier grass plants. Over time, weeds become less of a problem.
  • Lawns mowed at the recommended height remain greener longer in mid-summer’s frequent heat and dryness.

    Mowing taller creates a larger, healthier root system better able to utilize moisture and withstand stress, as shown by low mowing vs. no mowing.

What is the magic lawn-mowing recommended height? 3 inches.

With the lawn mower resting on a sidewalk or driveway, measure the distance from the concrete to lawnmower’s blades, and adjust accordingly so grass height after mowing is 3 inches.

Happy Gardening!

3 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Does the recommended height vary significantly by species of grass or are all the lawn grasses found in this area similar with regard to ideal height?

    1. Don Kinzler

      Hi Kevin. Yes the recommended height applies to all grasses in the area. Most lawns are a blend of Kentucky bluegrass varieties, creeping red fescue, and sometimes a few other minor types. All benefit from a mowing height of 3 inches. Thanks.

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