Japanese Tree Lilac – Great Tree For Small Spaces.

Have you noticed the small trees currently blooming with beautiful billowy white flowers? They’re Japanese tree lilacs. These small-scale trees bloom later than the more-familiar shrub-type lavender lilacs, usually flowering from about mid-June until early July.

If you didn’t know better, you might not even recognize them as lilacs. Japanese tree lilacs can be grown as single-trunked trees, or in clump form, with about three trunks together.

The eventual height of Japanese tree lilac is about 20 or 25 feet tall, which classifies it as a small tree. Use in the landscape for a feature in small spaces such as courtyards, narrow side yards and close to decks and patios. Because the leafy canopy stays fairly low, they make a great screening tree between neighboring yards, or to add privacy to backyard patios and decks.

Japanese tree lilacs require little extra care. They aren’t attacked by insects or diseases. Occasionally extra shoots sprout from the lower trunk region, which should be pruned flush with the trunk.

Japanese tree lilac is readily available at garden centers. Several named varieties are common in the nursery trade including ‘Ivory Silk.’

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Diane Hurner

    Thank you for this information. I’ve so often wondered what kind of tree it is that blooms so beautifully, and later than a lilac. I am indebted to all the good tips you give us in your columns and newsletters, they have been so helpful. If you could only help me find a solution to whatever ruins my apples, other than spraying, which would be harmful to bees, butterflies and other living things. This year it was totally covered with blossoms, but the apples will be useless. I have to pick them up by the bags full and call it ‘apple poop’. I’m rejoicing with you over the decision about your beautiful home. Lots of work ahead for you.

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