NDSU’s Dakota Sunspot Potentilla A Green And Gold Winner

When thinking of NDSU’s green and gold, what could be more fitting than the potentilla called Dakota Sunspot? This potentilla, developed by NDSU, is truly something special. Of all the potentilla varieties on the market nationwide, Dakota Sunspot is probably the most floriferous.

Although it was introduced by the university a few years ago, I’m seeing it now increasingly available in garden centers. I just purchased three myself.

What makes Dakota Sunspot so special? Although potentillas are nice, most varieties tend to be a little lackluster and can easily become scraggly. Dakota Sunspot, on the other hand, has a neat dwarf growth habit, becoming 2 1/2 to 3 feet high and 3 feet wide. Foliage is bright green and fine textured. The flowers are outstanding, and measure nearly 1 inch in a brilliant gold color. Dakota Sunspot flowers very profusely from late spring until fall frost.

Dakota Sunspot potentilla can be used in the landscape as a single specimen shrub in combination with other plants, or planted in multiples for mass effect. The mound-shaped shrub maintains its neat habit with little care or pruning.

NDSU continues to develop wonderfully-adapted superior trees and shrubs. Dakota Sunspot potentilla is definitely a must-have in area landscapes. Happy gardening!


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