Moving The Gardening Season Indoors

The north wind is howling. The snow is blowing. It’s unspeakably cold outside. The growing season is obviously long gone, right? No, we can’t have that.

Gardening is a great hobby and a great pastime and winter give us extra time to focus on our indoor gardening. Growing plants indoors takes the edge off winter. It’s comforting.

Here are a few ideas for switching the growing season to its indoor mode.

  • Without outdoor gardens to tend, winter gives us a chance to pamper our houseplants a bit extra. Repot those that need a slightly larger pot.
  • If plants don’t need repotting, but the soil is worn out, refresh by scooping out the top inch and replacing with a high quality mix like Miracle Gro Potting Mix.
  • Become an African Violet grower. Their beauty responds in direct proportion to the care they receive. They’re fun to fuss over, because they visibly reward the extra attention.
  • The amaryllis kits being sold during the holiday season are easy-to-grow awesome flowering bulbs. Learn the technique of getting them to bloom again.
  • If you have a sunny window, it’s fun to grow some microgreens – small leafy greens of lettuce, spinach, kale, etc. that can be snipped when young to include in sandwiches and soups. They’ll regrow after cutting. Fluorescent lights can also be used to grow greens.
  • It won’t be long before it’s time to start seeds indoors. Browsing seed catalogs is a great pastime for a winter day.
  • Do some “thought gardening.” That’s my made-up term for gardening in the theatre of the mind. Through the magic of the internet, visit the gardens at Buckingham Palace or the Versailles. Search botanical gardens, and you can take a pictorial tour of the world’s gardening hot-spots.

Instead of viewing winter as the non-growing season, embrace it. It’s still a growing season – just a different sort. Happy Gardening!