Climbing Roses For Northern Gardens

The Upper Midwest is a grand gardening region. If you set a goal of growing every well-adapted tree, shrub and perennial, you’d have to start very young and live to be very, very old. We have no shortage of adapted plants; we just have to choose wisely. Even climbing roses grow beautifully here. We just have to select the right varieties.

The best climbing roses for our region were developed in Canada. They are fully winter-hardy, and need no extra winter protection. They normally survive all the way to the tips. Even in severe winters only minor pruning is needed. Locally-owned garden centers are the best places to locate these beautiful roses.

Here are the seven climbers that have proven most successful:

  1. Henry Kelsey
  2. William Baffin
  3. John Cabot
  4. John Davis
  5. Louis Jolliet
  6. Quadra
  7. Ramblin’ Red Hardy varieties of climbing roses don’t intertwine on a trellis without our help. As the long, arching canes grow, it’s best to fasten them to the trellis or fence with twistems or plastic ties. To cover an archway, plant a climber at the base of each side and let them grow toward the upper center of the arch. Occasional pruning to thin out crowded canes helps roses stay prolific. Fertilizing in spring and early summer ensures good nutrition for continued bloom.

Happy Gardening!