Do You See Yourself In These Quirky Gardening Traits?

Artist Claude Monet said his greatest masterpiece was his garden. Mark Twain was more homespun when he suggested a cauliflower is nothing more than a cabbage with a college education. Much is said about gardening. Have you ever wondered if other gardeners have similar thoughts and idiosyncrasies as you?

  • Maybe you’ve experienced the old adage of the easiest way to tell a weed from a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out easily and unintentionally, it’s the valuable plant.
  • You planted perennial flowers to eliminate work only to discover dandelions and quackgrass consider your perennial beds a safe haven.
  • You’ve grabbed Easter lilies and poinsettias from your church as they were being thrown because you wanted to see if they’d rebloom for you.
  • You’re a true gardener if the neighbors no longer think it odd that you wander around your yard on Saturday morning in your pajamas with coffee cup in hand as you admire your plantings.
  • The first thing you do when returning from two weeks vacation is rush to the garden to check on the vegetables.
  • Your lawn shrinks each year as it loses ground to your planting addiction.
  • You rationalize your plant purchases because you don’t own a racehorse or spend winters on the French Riviera.
  • You’ve purchased plants on sale even though you currently have no space for them.
  • Your vehicle trunk has remnants of leaves and potting soil from previous trips to the garden center.
  • You let your housework slide during summer because the growing season is short and you’ve got all winter to dust and scrub indoors.
  • Have you ever had the urge to pull weeds from your neighbor’s flowerbed when they’re not looking?
  • You’re tempted to violate keep-off-the-grass signs at public display gardens to get photos or cuttings for propagation. You’re sure the do-not-pick signs refer to non-gardening people, not you.
  • On hot, windy summer days you water wilted patio flowerpots with the concern of a doctor trying to revive a patient on life-support.
  • On chilly autumn nights you’ve been seen outdoors in the dark with flashlight in hand covering planters, flowerbeds, and gardens with bedsheets and blankets.
  • Dedicated gardeners go out with friends for a beer and find themselves deadheading spent geranium blossoms from the beer garden planters while their friends are flirting with the wait staff.
  • While driving down the street the sight that turns one’s head is an attractive garden center.

Do any of these strike a familiar chord? Happy Gardening!





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  1. Sandi Larson

    I so relate. I truly thought it or I was normal. I love my gardens, hate weeds and have pulled them out of neighbors yards and other places.

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