Three Ways To A Green Thumb

Do you know the most common gardening comment I hear? It’s “I just don’t have a green thumb.” My reply is always the same: “Yes you do.” I’m never teasing, either. If one has the desire, our own gardening efforts can make the Royal Gardens at Buckingham Palace look like a paved parking lot in comparison. What’s the secret to the elusive ‘green thumb?’

A green thumb is simply giving plants what they need, and they’ll thrive in response.

There are 3 different ways to achieve a green thumb: (giving plants what they need to thrive.)

  1. Natural instinct. We all know people – parents, grandparents, neighbors, who are just plain good gardeners. Their houseplants thrive, their lawn is immaculate, their flowerbeds are beautiful, and they supply the neighborhood with fresh vegetables from a weed-free garden. They instinctively give plants what’s needed. They don’t give it a second thought.
  2. Education. We can learn about gardening and plants’ needs by reading, studying, and attending gardening programs. The internet age has put gardening information at our fingertips as never before.
  3. Experience. A wonderful old gardening adage says “To grow it is to know it.” Add to that the truism “Experience is the best teacher.” Much gardening wisdom can be gained by trial-and-error. We learn-by-doing what works and what doesn’t. 

Most green thumbers acquire their knack by a combination of the above. Just beware: green thumbs are contagious, and once yours turns green, there’s no going back!