Globe Caragana Makes A Great Hedge

Relocating two years ago gave us the chance to leave past landscape mistakes behind. But we also had the chance to repeat successes from 30 years of trying. One plant type we wouldn’t leave behind was Globe Caragana. We carefully dug, cut back, and moved a section of hedge made of the interesting shrub. Globe Caragana is an old-timer that deserves new recognition.

We might remember the larger caragana species, like the type that surrounded my grandparents’ pioneer homestead. But Globe Caragana is different, a named cultivar, Caragana frutex ‘Globosa.’

Here’s what makes Globe Caragana special:

  • It’s extremely winter hardy into zone 2.
  • Growth habit is a neat, round mound, maturing at about 3 feet high and 3 feet wide, if untrimmed.
  • Retains branches and foliage all the way to ground level, rather than becoming ‘leggy.’
  • Can be grown as a single, globe-shaped shrub.
  • Makes a wonderful solid hedge, when planted about 18 inches apart.
  • As a hedge, can be allowed to grow naturally and informal, or trimmed and sheared into a classic formal hedge.
  • Makes an awesome hedge maintained at 3 feet high, or can be trimmed for a low hedge bordering perennials or other plantings. 
  • Small leaflets allow it to be sheared neatly. Small leaflets mean little or no fall raking.
  • Rejuvenates nicely if needed with old-age.
  • Spring growth is fresh spritely green; deep green in summer.

Globe Caragana likely won’t be found at national chains, but request it from locally owned garden centers. Happy Gardening!


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    1. Don Kinzler

      Hi. Garden centers usually sell plants that are larger than seedling size. I don’t know off hand of a source for smaller seedlings. I’ve only encountered them in sizes similar to other shrubs. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    2. Don Kinzler

      I believe I’ve only seen individually potted, larger plants. I don’t think I’ve seen seedlings of globe caragana offered.

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